About Me

How I got here
My name’s Jose Barboza, and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I moved to Vancouver ┬áto attend Emily Carr University, and fulfill my lifelong dream of moving abroad and immersing myself in different cultures. While at school I specialized in graphic art, illustration, advertising, and web design, all things for which I have a great passion.

I speak and write english and spanish, and even go on to fool people into assuming that I’m Canadian whenever we first speak.

What I do
I strive to provide fresh, flexible and functional designs for companies, artists, or just about anybody. I have a firm belief that every company needs an art department, and that having a good one is a strong step towards keeping the face of the company presentable. Generally, business cards, packages, logos and websites are the first few things that people judge about a company; a good artist can make or break that first impression.

What I like
I have a passion for the psychology behind advertising, colour theory, marketing of products and companies. During my free time, though, I love to enjoy a good game of football (or soccer, while in Canada) and I actually play every sunday at 7pm. I’m quite into fitness and exercise. When it comes to electronics, though, I enjoy a good video game and I love learning about the newest gadgets and inventions (<3 my iPad).